The famous Godek Foundation and New Year holidays for disabled children Adidogomé

The Foundation Godek made this Wednesday, December 23, 2015 at CMS Adidogomé (Lome) donated food and non food to children in Adidogomé disabilities to enable them to properly celebrate the holiday season.
« We used to celebrate the New Year celebrations with the people of Lome and the interior.

This year we do not want to waive the rule and chose gifts offer these children in Adidogomé disabilities to enable also to be happy at the time of Christmas and New Year, « suggested Godwin Elendu , primarily responsible for the foundation.
The head of the foundation gave the reasons for the choice of children with disabilities to whom the gift is made. « When we look around us, we notice that children with disabilities are still neglected and abandoned, which is why we found it appropriate to approach them through these grants to enable them to also celebrate the festival Christmas, « said Mr. Elendu.

The chairman of the special delegation of the Gulf prefecture, Kossi Aboka reiterated the commitment of the Head of State to work for the rights of persons with disabilities in Togo. « The rights of persons with disabilities is a concern of the Head of State who made sure that those are also the Togolese National Assembly.
Disabled people also have the same rights as any other people, « he said.

During the ceremony, Mr. Aboka promised in 2016 to accompany the disabled artist, Elisha, to make the clip of songs he had to deal.Also, Adidogomé of women through a skit informed the public that people with disabilities also have talent and can occupy positions of responsibility than any other people can occupy the great services.
Recall that the Godek Foundation was created in 2012 and work alongside people in need. It also contributes to education and schooling for people with disabilities.

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