A better world for the children with Godek Foundation

lomebougeinfo: Speak us about the Godek foundation
Godwin ELENDU: the Godek foundation is a young foundation which is created with an aim of helping the children. You know when thechildren are forsaken, they are a burden for the company. Thus we come ourselves to assistance of his/her children so that they are leadersof tomorrow.
lomebougeinfo: Which are the actions which you conduct towards his/her children?
Godwin ELENDU: In our foundation, we have action programmes rather. The very first one is education. A child whom one does not educate is a company which regresses. Thus we initially focus on education. Those which can go far we let us help until the end of theirstudies, and those which cannot go far learn from the trades.
lomebougeinfo: What it is the age bracket of children, whom you deal with?
Godwin ELENDU: it will be difficult on our level to speak about age bracket, because of being to limit our actions. All the children are takeninto account with the Godek foundation.
lomebougeinfo: Which are the conditions you have to take the children in load, and how much children lay out?
Godwin ELENDU: We do not have a particular condition. For us, the target they are the children. Currently we have in load 50 children. Theideal for us is to reach a greater number in order to help them.
lomebougeinfo: What are they your relations with the other defense organizations of the rights of the children?
Godwin ELENDU: We have very good contact with the other organizations. Only with regard to financial aids, all is done starting from theGodek company for the moment.
lomebougeinfo: Your action plan for the year 2014
Godwin ELENDU: Many activities are with the program for the children. They is the cultural activities, sporting, educational and full withother things.
lomebougeinfo: What to retain into final?
Godwin ELENDU: Into final, it is to achieve our goals so that the children have smile and that those which look at us are also satisfied withour actions. The children are the changing of tomorrow, together for a better world.

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